Blooingdale Township

Tax Cap - What Can I Do?

The "tax cap" laws can be changed only by the General Assembly and the Governor. The General Assembly has two chambers, the House and the Senate. You elect representatives to both chambers and you also elect the Governor.

Lobbyists representing the taxing districts constantly tell the Governor's office and the legislators that the tax caps are not working, and are causing undue hardship on the tax districts. Each year they manage to convince some legislators to introduce new bills in the General Assembly that would weaken the tax caps or eliminate them all together.

The legislators and the governor need to hear from you, the taxpayer. Please call or write your state legislator and the governor's office. Advise them that you believe the tax caps are working and should not be changed in any way. Remind them that if any tax district needs more than a 5% increase in spending, they are permitted to ask the voters for a tax increase, over and above the 5% limit, by means of a referendum. Changing the tax cap laws would allow tax districts to increase property taxes without any limits and without referendum.

Names and addresses of elected officials you may contact about the Tax Caps
Honorable J.B. Pritzker
Governor, State of Illinois
207 State House
Springfield, Illinois
(217) 782-6830
  Honorable Laura M. Murphy
Illinois State Senator
1645 South River Road
Suite 7
Des Plaines, Illinois
(847) 718-1110
  Honorable Susan Glowiak Hilton
Illinois State Senator
17W715 East Butterfield Road
Suite F
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
(630) 785-3177
Honorable Seth Lewis
Illinois State Senator
962 West Army Trail Road
Carol Stream, Illinois
(630) 349-0645
  Honorable Michelle Mussman
Illinois State Representative
11 N. Roselle Road
Schaumburg, Illinois
(847) 923-9104
  Honorable Diane Blair-Sherlock
Illinois State Representative
28 S. Villa Ave. 
Villa Park, Illinois
(630) 415-3520  
Honorable Amy L. Grant
Illinois State Representative
416 E. Roosevelt Road
Suite 104
Wheaton, Illinois
(331) 218-4182
  Honorable Jennifer Sanalitro
Illinois State Representative
962 W. Army Trail Road
Carol Stream, Illinois
(630) 349-0645