Blooingdale Township

A Letter to Seniors From The Assessor

Property taxes are a burden to all taxpayers, but even more so for seniors, many of who are living on fixed incomes. Because of this, the Illinois General Assembly has passed several laws over the years to help alleviate the property tax burden for senior citizen property owners in Illinois. There are four (4) major senior citizen property tax relief programs available to senior citizens at this time. Click on each program listed below for details on eligibility and the application process.

The Bloomingdale Township Assessor's office has a full time senior citizen service department especially trained to assist senior citizens in properly applying for these various tax relief programs. Just call our Taxpayer Services Division at 630-529-6927, which has assisted hundreds of senior citizens in receiving all of the exemptions and tax relief programs they qualify for and are entitled to.

The amount of tax relief received varies from individual to individual depending upon household income, current property taxes paid, and which programs you qualify for. Regardless of how much relief you qualify for, it is always helpful to save a few more dollars on your property taxes.

If you are not sure that you are receiving all of the exemptions and tax relief you are entitled to, please call or stop by and we will review your senior citizen tax relief status and advise you accordingly. You worked hard all your life and paid a lot of taxes over the years, so please take advantage of these opportunities to save on your taxes now. You've EARNED it!


John T. Dabrowski, Bloomingdale Township Assessor